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Took advantage of an anger.... Thanks much to my mentor lol

So sick of seeing the tears in her eyes
Knowing that you're the reason she cries
Pleading with god and hoping she dies
Every day contemplating sucide
Always the same damn argument
Fourtysix years old staying out all night getting bent
Snorting up the money that pays our rent
Pitiful excuse for a parent
Struggles to smile day after day
No motherfucker it's not okay
Left you speechless
Nothing you can say
Pack your bags and be on your way
Don't need a cold hearted bastard like you
To help live my life, i'll make do
The best way I can
You're not even a man
You're more like a mouse
Lost in this house
Which is more like a maze
Each day coming home blazed
Never realizing that now you're alone
The reason our house is a broken up home
Claiming to call
But you turned off your phone
Swaring you changed but the truth hasn't shown
I wish you could see
What you're doing to me
But it isn't just me
It's my mom and krissy
You are the reason we are how we are
You lie , steal , make up excuses about your car
To stay our all night
Which causes all the fights
She doesn't deserve what you put her through
Her life was better before she met you
Trying to say as a parent she's failed
Wait. rewind whose son's in jail
You can't punish us so why do you bother
You do know you're not really our father
Life would be better if you were dead
In fact I'll pay someone to put a bullet in your head.
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