kAtiE _ Lynn (_katielynn_) wrote in unsentpoetry,
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takes time to heal

heres the latest and greatest from me of course!

something about being deprived of sleep has caused a creative writing moment :)

Takes Time to Heal

it's time i bowed out gracefully
let time repair my heart
a heart that use to be full of love
slowly dying from the start

continuing this charade
has led me to a dead end
i can't continue to love you
i can not just be only your friend

i never was one to listen
to anything i did not want to hear
many of my friends told me
he's not worth any of your tears

sadly i refused to follow
the advice of so many smarter then i
there we're nights i chose to wallow
periodically i'd break down and cry

eventually i picked up a pen
and wrote what was clearly unspoken
a certain letter and confession
a poem written by a girl whose heart was broken
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