xxnewbeginning (xxnewbeginning) wrote in unsentpoetry,

wth everyone else is

i want to apologize for the way this ends
with each of us at our own faults and no one to blame
nothings changed and everything's re-arranged
i never wanted it this way
if you never believe anything else i have to say
just know that i'm not that callous to leave you high and dry
time after time
i wonder if you think of me and all the pain i caused
because thats what crosses my mind when i think of you
i didn't know what to do, i didn't know what to say
it never seemed like you ever wanted me there
as much as i wanted to be
and then i stop and think maybe you loved me
as best as you could love me
with distance and pain that reached the sky
where you liked to live carefree and so high
two people that couldn't understand each other
none the less tried as much as you could try with a safe distance in between
i never wanted you to see all the faults i had
i never wanted to give you the chance to be there when i was dead inside
(if you turned me away i would have no hope to believe in
and no reality to deny)
not once did i recall the love i felt after your fall from grace
and even when you kept falling
i stood still some how
so i burned your pictures, and all your letters
and yes i kept them all
but now they're merely ashes
i've never wanted to forget someone so much before
and i know your struggle, and i feel your pain
but i know theres so much more to you
then i could ever begin to explain
things you would never openly admit
i understand thats what you need to do for now
thats the way you need to live right now
whatever gets you through
but when you cross over
you will remember me and miss this.

it feels good to write and get shit out, a?
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