kAtiE _ Lynn (_katielynn_) wrote in unsentpoetry,
kAtiE _ Lynn

i got inspired to finally finish it....


' absence makes the heart grow fonder'
i've heard someone once say
perhaps that's why i can't let go
why this love's strong still today

this love that's taken over
has captured not just my heart
it's torn it's way into my soul
leaving me vulnerable from the very start

memories leave me wondering
the hope has never left my eyes
the smile that meant the most to me
was given to me by that who makes me cry

i've come to part with my past
your eyes, our hugs, much more
unspoken emotions that you should know
now shut behind a locked door

i wont let regret hold me back
due to a love you couldn't share
one that could have been magical
at times i felt the it was there

my heart finally listened
to what my mind had been saying for so long
i had to choose to let you go
i let go of the love i knew was wrong.

: whatcha think? :
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