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[24 Aug 2005|10:28pm]


All around me, clouds of black...
I'm so alone, where you at?
Depression slowing turning into mental aggression...
I can't go on living this lie, I'm about to make a confession...
My life is shit and I feel like dying,
I'm sick of this place and I'm tired of trying...

Everywhere I turn its a dead end,
I'm so alone; I'm lacking a friend,
See past the fake smile and into the real frown,
Its all turning dark, dark... I can't hear a sound,
My own personal paradise stashed away in hell,
But if you ask me how I am, the answer is swell.

Grab my hand I want to be saved,
I'm so alone, my mind and emotions have caved,
Listen to me, I'm reaching out,
Don't let me be the one you doubt,
Help me, this isn't for attention,
Its to late... I've begun my ascension.
with open arms

Ok so Thanks to Chad, I just wanted to add a lil more to what he just wrote [20 Jul 2005|04:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'ma start by/
taking off your clothes/
You're getting so hot/
and spreading them toes
Baby feel special/
You're the one I chose/
You're feeling hot love/
When I blow these loads/
Doesn't really matter/
Doors open or closed/
We're just getting started/
I'ma take it real slow/

Round and round, side to side/
Flip it over and hit it like a ball/
Switch it up and now you're on top/

Sweat starts breaking/
Bed starts shaking/
I know that you're cumming/
By the moans you're making/
Baby, I'm thinking/
What's on your mind?/
When I begin to lick/
On your inner thigh/
Getting more explicit/
you begin stripping/
gripping the tip of my dick/
and it gets to spitting/
when I start/
licking your kitten/
My mind starts the tripping/
When your kitten is fitting/
my dick like a mitten/
Pussy lips start dripping/
and in the right light
your clit ring glistens/

Round and round, side to side/
Flip it over and hit it like a ball/
Switch it up and now you're on top/

with open arms

My newest and crudest... [16 Jul 2005|06:28am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Skeet Skeet

I'm in the mood for sushi, I'm talking all I can eat/
Won't stop til your pants and drawers are down round your feet/
Its gettin Hot and heavy, sweat drippin from my balls/
Ain't gonna stop until I bust this nut and
skeet skeet on your momma's walls/

Round and round, side to side/
Flip it over and hit it like a ball/
Switch it up and now your on top/

Stop tryin to front like you don't want me to tap that ass/
I can see through your bullshit like windex on glass/
I'll lay it down slow jam style, talkin bout how I need you
in my life/
After I beat it up, please don't call my phone askin
to be my wife/

Round and round, side to side/
Flip it over and hit it like a ball/
Switch it up and now your on top/


Sorry if I offend anyone... actually no I'm not.

with open arms

My Funeral [05 Jul 2005|09:38pm]
Smells of incense
and fresh flowers
fill the air
The way it ended
wasn't fair
and unfortunately
I know that no one cares
I'm lying there
completely still totally scared
I was dared to share
feelings I normally spared
In an eternal slumber
within a casket
buried six feet under
but I've learned a lesson
since I've been in this
emotional recession
Feeling that are oppressed
makes me depressed
which leads to this
senseless aggression
that causes all this tension
and I shouldn't mention
being attacked by dementia
or by ghostly apparitions
from other dimensions
that torment me
until I descend
or make my ascension
to the heavens
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[30 Jun 2005|11:15pm]

[ mood | geeky ]


Why am I so mad at everything and everyone?
Why do I constantly ruin other peoples fun?
I'm a fuck up, a reject from eighty-five,
Put here for unknown reasons, but I gotta survive.

I feel like I'm losing it right now,
Can't explain it, I don't know how,
But release this anger I do vow.

Aimless living my life without any direction,
Why the fuck did we re-elect Bush in the last election?
You sit around constantly lying, while your troops are dying,
The only place you need to be is sitting in a chair frying.

I feel like I'm losing it right now,
Can't explain it, I don't know how,
But release this anger I do vow.

Take this for whats it worth, but don't edit my speech,
Copy and pasting words and trying to impeach,
I'm not Clinton and I sure have better taste,
If your gonna get your dick sucked, stay away from a pile of toxic waste.

I feel like I'm losing it right now,
Can't explain it, I don't know how,
But release this anger I do vow.

This is America, our country of free,
Turn on CNN and tell me what your see? A suicide bomber killing spree,
I'll choke your ass out and then wipe my ass with your turban,
The only people worse then Bush is those mother fuckin coward Taliban.

I feel like I'm losing it right now,
Can't explain it, I don't know how,
But release this anger I do vow.


Man I've been really politically inspired lately...

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Took advantage of an anger.... Thanks much to my mentor lol [30 Jun 2005|08:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So sick of seeing the tears in her eyes
Knowing that you're the reason she cries
Pleading with god and hoping she dies
Every day contemplating sucide
Always the same damn argument
Fourtysix years old staying out all night getting bent
Snorting up the money that pays our rent
Pitiful excuse for a parent
Struggles to smile day after day
No motherfucker it's not okay
Left you speechless
Nothing you can say
Pack your bags and be on your way
Don't need a cold hearted bastard like you
To help live my life, i'll make do
The best way I can
You're not even a man
You're more like a mouse
Lost in this house
Which is more like a maze
Each day coming home blazed
Never realizing that now you're alone
The reason our house is a broken up home
Claiming to call
But you turned off your phone
Swaring you changed but the truth hasn't shown
I wish you could see
What you're doing to me
But it isn't just me
It's my mom and krissy
You are the reason we are how we are
You lie , steal , make up excuses about your car
To stay our all night
Which causes all the fights
She doesn't deserve what you put her through
Her life was better before she met you
Trying to say as a parent she's failed
Wait. rewind whose son's in jail
You can't punish us so why do you bother
You do know you're not really our father
Life would be better if you were dead
In fact I'll pay someone to put a bullet in your head.

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[27 Jun 2005|08:13pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Dear Heather,
I know one day we are going to walk down that aisle,
Even though its been two years I still get excited when I see your smile,
We've been through some rough times, and we've had our mood trips,
But I know all I need to see is a crack in those strawberry lips.

Lately we've been going through some shit and sometimes it makes me stop and think,
Where did we go wrong and what the hell happened? How did our boat sink?
One minute were in love and the next were breaking up,
Shits to complicated and makes me nauseous to the point that I throw up.

My biggest inspiration is walking out of my life,
The reason I wake up, my everything... the women I was to call my wife,
Why are we arguing, whats the fucking point?
I tried to be everything that you wanted and I'm sorry to disappoint.

Its over now, there is nothing there anymore,
I'm sending you messages and calling your phone, I'm on ignore,
I can't stand to live anymore, I'm nothing without you,
I loved you more then you will ever know, you didn't even have a clue.

with open arms

[26 Jun 2005|05:02pm]

No Title

Its time I suppose for another disasterpiece,
Something just to get your mind rolling up the tracks,
STOP, look around you and what do you see.
Sand niggers going on a suicide bombing spree.

Lies, corruption and deciet.

Kids selling drugs and mothers walking the street,
Enough shit around me to blow me off my feet,
What the fuck is that? All in the name of money,
I'm not a comedian and this shit sure ain't funny.

Lies, corruption and deciet,

Were fighting a war, and I can't front I don't know why.
Terrorism and weapons of mass destruction,
Its to much to take in, my brain can't function,
Hiding under a Bush and no I ain't talking pussy,
Well actually I am talking about A pussy,
Read between the lines and see what I mean.

Lies, corruption and deciet,

If you can't understand this, neither can I
I'm just writting what comes to my mind.


Wow I have really lost my touch... meh oh well.
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[24 Jun 2005|11:16am]
This is the beginning
of the tell all truths
while we're trying
to find an excuse
for today's useless youths
and the guilty who
are running loose
with a lack of proof
in order to be convicted
there are innocent
facing years or imprisonment
The upper class are
living high off the hog
while we're down here
choking on smog
Too involved with their riches
to know that we're bitching
and are about to be evicted
No wonder we're mixing
alcohol in our liquid prescriptions
Time is quickly slipping
Holiday's aren't too far away
Millions are starving
while others are turkey carving
watching Brett Favre win
and racking up billions
in credit card charges
And all these
homeless shelters
Why can't you help your
fellow man and
give them your hand
help the stand up again
Prophesized by Nostradamus
saying goodbye to their Mommas
all these suicide bombers
taking their lives
in the name of Allah
While these strippers
are working for dollars
Everyday facing humiliation
Why do they all say
they're paying for an education
Guys old enough
to be their fathers
sit and watch and
start salivating
thinking they've
found their salvation
Can someone answer this
because I can't handle this
Why do televangelists
seem so phony and scandalous
I mean what's the deal
making non-believers
feel they've been healed
by a false prophet
looking for his cut
into the profit
taking money from
the poorest projects
and puts it in
his own pockets
No one can stop it
now onto a more
serious problem
these runaway brides
women afraid of committing
while our children
are turning up missing
Bring out the dogs
to finally start sniffing
but it's too late
their bodies are ripped up
and are just drifting
in puddles of their own blood
in the sunlight glistening
These are true
to life problems
Why isn't anyone listening
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this is my first spoken poem with beat, its pretty cool when u add music [09 Jun 2005|12:23am]

This is for the sick and the medicated
I learned from my mom
Life is short and you should appreciate it
This is 4 the martyrs of disease
That fought 9-5 and still didn't make it to see
Another day, another place, another face

They didn't take cars
Cuz they could not drive
Their soul goal in this life
Was just 2 survive

So don't tell me you understand
With your outstretched hand
When you know nothing about me
And to those that have fought the war
On this draining disease
And won
You are blessed

Cherish each moment of everyday
Don't avoid the truth
Because it sounds cliche
Embrace every moment as it is
Before it all gets taken away

Don't give into the bullshit
The linguistics of it all
And don't think you know it all
Because you know nothing
And when you can humbly admit that
You've learned something

This one is 4 the kids that lost
their mothers, sisters, brothers, and fathers 2
That are left to fend for themselves
So don't judge a brother for having to depend on himself
Because its a cold world
And you do what you have to do

Rest in peace!
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[25 May 2005|01:50am]

Your kiss on my lips, your hands on my hips, your face against me, chills run down my spine, just to know you are mine, and forever we'll be, as we drift in the sea, as we soar in the air, so in love without a care, without worry or hurt, just us forever.
2 critics replied | with open arms

[10 May 2005|11:04pm]
The racial discrimination
that had a choke hold
on our nation
a wicked abomination
The deadly combination
of hatred and degradation
that led to segregation
We need to stop wasting
time in contemplation
We've got a new set
of problems to begin
to start facing
There's a plague called AIDS
and it hit with devastation
and it's turning our country
into a barren wasteland
and it's racing
at immeasurable paces
to start erasing man
off the face of the planet
I don't understand it
We take our lives for granted
If we have the
seeds of knowledge
Why don't we just plant it
God, Damn it
I can't stand it
Living in this planned panic
with depressed manics
I can't take it anymore
I'm brain damaged
and left famished
I wish I could just vanish
but somehow I seem to manage
practicing my magic
to get into the brains
of savages and just ravage it
with a rhyme
that's just above average
See our troops are falling faster
than our gas prices are rising
Uneasy feelings aren't surprising
Terrorized by being sterilized
before flying and despite this
not knowing who's sitting beside us
It could be some Al-Qaida guy
dying from bronchitis
and why's this
trying to fight this
determined me to find
a need to write this.
with open arms

[13 Apr 2005|11:22pm]

Media's Tool

Kick the door off the casket, escape from my cold grave,
My minds been buried for so long, treated like a slave,
Time to get the flow going, and generate a masterpiece,
All I need is an idea and a place to let my thoughts release,
So sick of hearing about the world, its making me depressed,
All the talks of war and murder is leaving me stressed,
I'm an individual; I'm not going to be the media's tool,
You can't feed me this shit, I won't eat it,
The news media is trying to reach me but they've failed to transmit,
I don't want to hear about no god damned war, no god damned bombings,
Won't listen about no god damned Terri Schiavo or whatever else
the world brings,
This is coming from a troubled youth; excuse me for speaking the truth,
Seems like lately mass murder and tragedy is the world's new trend,
Step back and take it all in, realize that time is running out, were almost
to the end.


Seems like the community has died again! :-(
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[01 Apr 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | depressed ]

so this community died... therefore i'm going to restore the hard work made by chad and post!!!

the truth?
i am me
who are you?
i'm the girl with a million reasons to smile
yet i choose to frown
the one who deserves so much
though still receives no crown
i give and take in return
each dream i have tends to crash and burn
love to me is complicated
tends to leave me depressed and jaded
i find tranquility when i write
the wrong words then seem to come out right
i've built a giant wall around my heart
with no means of letting it fall apart
i live in two worlds that simply collide
now do you see why i choose to hide?
An easy life was never a possibility
do you know who you are?
for i only know me.

go ahead read it. lol

with open arms

Hallmark Day [14 Feb 2005|08:17am]

This day they call Valentine's Day,
Is nothing more then a Hallmark Holiday.
Filled with cards, candy and teddy bears too.
This "holiday" makes my mood turn blue.
February 14th is just another day for me,
Everyone just please listen to my plea.
Put a stop to this bogus celebration,
This "holiday" of love causes me nothing but frustration.


Thats from my senior year in high school, figured I'd bust it out for this wonderful day.
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[29 Jan 2005|03:08am]

We were watching the stars, they stood there in silence.
Out in space, so far away, yet so close.
It started to rain. I loved how you looked in the rain.
You looked at me and smiled your special smile, the one I loved most.
We didn't even run inside, we were already soaked anyway.
We both always loved the rain.
There was something about the way it hit your skin
and the way each rain drop ran down your face.
I think that was what I loved most.
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[27 Jan 2005|03:08pm]

I usually write songs. I only write poetry every once in awhile, but I thought I'd share. Tell me what you think. :)

Your eyes glistened in the twilight of the moon. They looked beautiful that way and so did you. I could have stood there for hours, days even. The beauty was beyond words, exceptional, magnificent you could have called it. I wish I was there now and for the next hundred years to come. You and me only, forever. Truer than true and lovlier than lovely.
4 critics replied | with open arms

takes time to heal [23 Jan 2005|03:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

heres the latest and greatest from me of course!

something about being deprived of sleep has caused a creative writing moment :)

Takes Time to Heal

it's time i bowed out gracefully
let time repair my heart
a heart that use to be full of love
slowly dying from the start

continuing this charade
has led me to a dead end
i can't continue to love you
i can not just be only your friend

i never was one to listen
to anything i did not want to hear
many of my friends told me
he's not worth any of your tears

sadly i refused to follow
the advice of so many smarter then i
there we're nights i chose to wallow
periodically i'd break down and cry

eventually i picked up a pen
and wrote what was clearly unspoken
a certain letter and confession
a poem written by a girl whose heart was broken

3 critics replied | with open arms

wth everyone else is [20 Jan 2005|04:55pm]

i want to apologize for the way this ends
with each of us at our own faults and no one to blame
nothings changed and everything's re-arranged
i never wanted it this way
if you never believe anything else i have to say
just know that i'm not that callous to leave you high and dry
time after time
i wonder if you think of me and all the pain i caused
because thats what crosses my mind when i think of you
i didn't know what to do, i didn't know what to say
it never seemed like you ever wanted me there
as much as i wanted to be
and then i stop and think maybe you loved me
as best as you could love me
with distance and pain that reached the sky
where you liked to live carefree and so high
two people that couldn't understand each other
none the less tried as much as you could try with a safe distance in between
i never wanted you to see all the faults i had
i never wanted to give you the chance to be there when i was dead inside
(if you turned me away i would have no hope to believe in
and no reality to deny)
not once did i recall the love i felt after your fall from grace
and even when you kept falling
i stood still some how
so i burned your pictures, and all your letters
and yes i kept them all
but now they're merely ashes
i've never wanted to forget someone so much before
and i know your struggle, and i feel your pain
but i know theres so much more to you
then i could ever begin to explain
things you would never openly admit
i understand thats what you need to do for now
thats the way you need to live right now
whatever gets you through
but when you cross over
you will remember me and miss this.

it feels good to write and get shit out, a?
2 critics replied | with open arms

[20 Jan 2005|11:41am]

i got inspired to finally finish it....


' absence makes the heart grow fonder'
i've heard someone once say
perhaps that's why i can't let go
why this love's strong still today

this love that's taken over
has captured not just my heart
it's torn it's way into my soul
leaving me vulnerable from the very start

memories leave me wondering
the hope has never left my eyes
the smile that meant the most to me
was given to me by that who makes me cry

i've come to part with my past
your eyes, our hugs, much more
unspoken emotions that you should know
now shut behind a locked door

i wont let regret hold me back
due to a love you couldn't share
one that could have been magical
at times i felt the it was there

my heart finally listened
to what my mind had been saying for so long
i had to choose to let you go
i let go of the love i knew was wrong.

: whatcha think? :
4 critics replied | with open arms

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